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“Because every picture has a story to tell, we take pleasure in documenting and preserving your memories to pass on to generations to come”.

Can you imagine how thrilled you would be if you possessed a video or an audio interview of your great grandparents telling you about their life experiences? Here’s your opportunity to provide a historic family treasure for your future great great grandchildren!
A video history makes a great gift for any occasion: Mother’s Day or Father’s Day… A birthday… Or a 50th Anniversary are just a few special events that come to mind.

The greatest gift for generations to come is to record the stories of their family members. We help you do that. We care for your most precious memories.




Legacy Documentary

A video biography telling the story of a loved one who is no longer with us.

It highlights key moments in their lives, and preserves their memory for generations to come

Life Story Documentary

A video biography telling a life story of a family member or the whole family.
It highlights their upbringing, difficulties, triumphs and achievements.

Anniversary Tribute

​A video biography celebrating years of being together as a married couple.

Custom Slideshow

Celebrate a reunion, birthday or special occasion by dedicating a space for it to keep that memory alive.

Event website

Celebrate your special anniversary online.

Anniversary website

Have a space dedicated to your family. Big or small we all have so much media to share or keep.
We customize spaces for families to use for their memories and media. You can do this in total privacy and share only with family members.  Preserve your special memories & family history online.

Honor the memory of a loved one by sharing stories and images about him in a customized website. Dedicate web space for his/her memory. View our SAMPLE​​

Legacy website

Family website


Preserve your images and old videos in digital form, hard copy photos,documents,VCRtapes,film rolls 8mm and 16mm,slides


We restore faded and torn images. No matter how damaged they are, we will help restore your precious images.


Archiving makes it easier to find what you’re looking for, so you can make prints or share your pictures anytime.

Back up

Protect your memories from getting lost or damaged.

A multimedia slideshow showcasing photos presented with a narrative, text, music, special effects and graphics.

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