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“Because every picture has a story to tell, we take pleasure in documenting and preserving your memories to pass on to generations to come”.



Respect, trust and dedication are the core values of the SEERA (سيرة) family. Our core beliefs are that every life is precious and should be honored.  It is a real pleasure to be putting all our experience in video production and web publishing into such meaningful projects.  We are team of 12 multi disciplinary specialist covering the following areas: Data gathering, research, media digitizing, photographers, video photographing, script writing, editing, film shooting, film directorship, and project management, design and webdevelopment. 


We started SEERA (سيرة) when we decided to produce documentaries and websites to honor family members who led or continue to lead inspiring lives. It was a joy to get grandparents to talk about their childhood. Capturing them in HD quality was priceless. While hearing the sacrifices our parents made had us realize the values we want to leave our children.  As for having a permanent space to house the black and white images and timeline of members who passed is a real tribute and celebration to many who had a strong impact on our lives.  Our motivation was to preserve these memories for our children. As we embarked on these projects, we realized that the experiences, joy and gain from each character had a really historic impact on our life but also had a significance that reaches far more than family members.

Because the family is the strongest social unit and its memories are the chains that tie generations together.  We believe that once we focus on families’ history, memories and stories we would be building a profound visual and social history.

We believe that every life is precious and we honor it by preserving the memories and experience of each person.


Honor and preserve your family and heritage by highlighting and documenting key periods and events in your/theirlife.

Our Message

Biographies shouldn’t only be about media celebrities, and there  is great value in knowing your heritage and roots. However, so  many important people go unrecognized although they make a difference in our lives or have interesting stories to tell.

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